How to Train Your Horse

Horse Training – How to Train a Horse

There are several rules to remember when training a horse. I’m going to go over a rule that most horse owners overlook and don’t understand. If you ever have trouble with your horse thinking he’s the boss, then read this.
First, never forget a horse is motivated by eating. Eating, to a horse, is one of their main desires in their lives. After all, they have to eat a lot to sustain their large bodies. And how does this help you become successful training a horse?

Here’s the short answer.
When you own a horse you must be the leader. If you’re not the leader, you have trouble getting him doing what you ask. When you’re on his back, that’s even worse. Second, if a horse is motivated to eat when he’s with you and you let him, you just reinforced that he can do what he wants and you are NOT the leader. But if you prevent him from eating when he wanted to eat, then you just changed how he sees you.
There is an actual chemical and physical change that occurs in his brain. Now he’ll start to check with you before he eats. He’ll look to you for permission to eat. Ultimately, you want him looking to you for permission to do anything when he’s with you. And most of all, this leads to him waiting to be told, by you, what you want him to do.
Think how valuable that is for you as you ride out on the trail. Picture this. You’re riding along and your horse spooks. Would you rather be riding a horse that’s conditioned to listen to you and take care of you while you’re on his back or would you rather ride a horse that will eat when and where he wants and just do what he wants? I choose the former.

How to Train Your Horse
If you are a horse lover and have ever wanted to own your own, how to train them can be an issue. If you are going to own a horse making sure they are well trained is very important. In this article, we want to give you some tips on training them so you and your horse can have a rewarding relationship.

First, as with most relationships in life, you must gain your horses trust. If the horse doesn’t trust you they will never listen to you or follow commands.

Secondly, if you want your horse to pay attention to you they must also respect you.

Third, your horse will respond to gentleness, much more than they ever will to rough handling. Good patience and communication are essential. You can lose all the trust you have established with your horse if you are being too rough.

Fourth, learn to control the pressure you on your horse. Your horse is innately looking for an escape. If you control the pressure your horse will feel that are free to a degree.

Fifth, each time you take your horse out for a workout or ride try to improve on something. Do not let the relationship between you and your horse become stale and boring.

Sixth, consistency is very important with any animal, especially horses. Each time you are with your horse have the same patterns. From the start of your time together set routines. Horses like to know what to expect and the more set patterns you establish with the animal it will be good for you and the horse. Remember the key is routine and consistency.

Lastly, as with any relationship, you have you want the relationship with your horse to be a positive one. You want them to like you just as you want to like them. A horse will perform any task for you if you treat them with love. Remember you have to give love to get love. That goes for animals as well as people.



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